Some Possible Tummy Tucks Complications

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A cosmetic procedure that is carried out to reduce the amount of excess fat and loose skin is termed as Tummy tuck plastic surgery. One of its aims is to tighten the muscle of abdominal area. The main process of tummy tuck can be summarized as; the incisions are made in the pubis, lower abdomen and around the navel so that the underlying abdominal muscles are exposed. The muscles are sewn after pulling them together and the excessive skin is removed, by sewing the muscles the skin is stretched down. Tummy tuck prices depends on a lot of factors like the amount of skin and fats to be removed, location, equipment being used and other fees.

If an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon does the surgery then the outcome is generally positive. You can find a lot of successful mini tummy tuck pictures of before and after over the internet. Nevertheless, since it is a surgery so various kinds of risks are associated with it so we can say that if tummy tucks gone wrong then various complications can arise. Below are some of the risks that one might encounter:

• Allergic reaction to anesthesia or other drugs which are administered during the surgery is one complication that can arise.

• The second complication that occurs if tummy tucks gone wrong is blood blister or hematoma which means collection of blood under the skin.

• Scarring and poor healing is yet another complication.

• Permanent numbness of abdomen occurs in some cases if tummy tucks are not done properly. The reason of the numbness is stretching of nerves during tissue adjustment and division of nerves of the lower abdominal part during skin re-wrapping.

• Temporary distortions in the skin are produced when skin is moved during surgery. Due to a major skin shift while surgery the shape of the belly button can change.

• Pain is also experienced if tummy tucks gone wrong. If the wound takes a long time to heal then the pain keeps occurring. Some of the pain is post-operative which is moderate and pain killers are given to treat it.

• Sometimes the appearance of the stomach is abnormal and disfigured.

• Puncturing of some vital organs though rare but has been experienced. Puncturing occurs due to the insertion of lipo cannula.

• Infection also occurs in some cases of tummy tucks gone wrong which leads to severe complications.

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