Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease and Coconut Flour

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Although awareness of the problem of gluten intolerance is steadily increasing, people are less clear about the mechanics of the food intolerance and the options open to those who are diagnosed with the problem.

Scientists have recently identified two genes that predispose people to celiac disease. This is a disease caused by the gluten protein in wheat, rye and barley. The protein sticks to the villi lining of the lower intestine. For those with the genetic predisposition the body treats the villi with gluten as an attack to the body and produces antibodies to attack the villi. The result is that the villi suffer atrophy. The consequence of this is that the lower intestine can no longer effectively absorb vitamins A, D, C and K. It also loses its ability to take minerals such as iron and calcium from food.

Those people who have gluten intolerance and the resulting celiac disease suffer from diarrhea, anemia and fatigue. The situation gets worse as the body suffers more and more from a lack of vital minerals and vitamins.

The good news is that celiac disease is easily cured if diagnosed in time. The cure is simple – adopt a gluten free diet. This is a much healthier treatment than a course of powerful drugs with numerous side effects.

Nevertheless, many people suffering from gluten intolerance and celiac disease find it hard to do without certain foods made with wheat, barley and rye. For pasta and noodles buckwheat is the alternative.

For cakes, bread and short bread a great alternative to wheat flour is coconut flour. It is fine flour that has several health benefits: it is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and  it is high in protein. Also coconut flour is low in carbohydrates. It is possible to make delicious cakes, breads and protein drinks with coconut flour that will make the sufferer of celiac disease not feel that they are missing out. What is more coconut flour is organic and from a renewable resource.

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