A Guide On Making Accurate Pregnancy Tests

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Many people wonder about the accuracy of a pregnancy test. They may wonder why the test showed negative results, but a visit to the doctor revealed that they were indeed pregnant. On the other hand, they may wonder why a home test said a woman was pregnant, but the visit to the doctor advised her that she was not pregnant. This article explains why these things happen, and will further try to explain how tests can be made more accurate and why.

Most over-the-counter urine tests may provide accurate tests for pregnancy when taken at the proper time. If taken too early, these might show negative results. If taken at say, six in the morning, these might also be negative as the urine may vary in quality. This means that if you take the test after drinking too much water or other liquids that can make the urine very thin, it will also be difficult for the test to accurately measure hormone levels when you are trying to find out very early signs of pregnancy.

To check more accurately, a blood test should be done. These are not the ones usually administered by a doctor. These tests are reliable as they analyze the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin which is in the blood of women. There are two types of tests. One simply looks at this hormone in the blood, and the other one looks at the amount of these hormones in the blood. This hormone is produced by the placenta in women after the embryo is implanted in the uterine lining. You have to do more urine tests due to the presence of counter hormones. Nevertheless, it is impossible to measure small quantities with urine; therefore, a blood test is able to detect a pregnancy better than urine.

In some cases, your doctor or midwife may not even need to take a blood test. They often say if you are pregnant, all that is needed is an external vaginal examination or analysis. The midwife or certified midwife uses direct entry to estimate the number of weeks a woman has been pregnant by just feeling the woman’s abdomen. Once you realize that you are pregnant, it’s time to start thinking about pregnancy and health. Whether you may have been wishing to have a child for a good number of years, or are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is always important to take care of yourself and your child.

If you do not think that it is necessary to check at home, you should consult your doctor; make an appointment as soon as possible. As you can see, the accuracy of pregnancy tests depends on many factors, and only an appointment with the doctor can be truly 100% accurate.


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